MR772 Clinical PEMF/ LED/ Magnetic Therapy Device

MR772 with Plasma Generator
  • Programmable with MR772 Software
  • MR772 Frequency Generator
  • Seven magnetic disks
  • Plazomic Plasma Frequency Generator
  • Two plasma tube antenna & candles
  • Two 8-foot cables
  • USB cables to connect generator to computer
  • Two portable candle holders
  • Can also be programmed on (optionalSurface Go 2: Windows 10 tablet
  • Please contact one of our Independent Representatives for more info:

The MR772 is a state of the art clinical PEMF device. It is the only PEMF generating system that offers both pulsed electromagnetic frequencies through a magnetic field as well as pulsed electromagnetic frequencies through a plasma field. The MR772 can run both magnetic disks or plasma candles simultaneously or independent of each other. This device also has an optional 21 multi-red LED disk, which can be used with the magnetic programs.

The MR772 is designed to help reduce pain and discomfort and promote overall wellness through three modes of treatment:

  1. Pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF)
  2. Cold plasma field
  3. LED pulsed frequency (an available option)

These three modalities can be run simultaneously, alone, or in any combination.

The MR772 ships with:

  • MR772 device
  • 7 magnetic disks
  • protective case
  • plasma generator (optional)
  • 2-8" plasma candles(optional)
  • LED disks may optionally be purchased here


  • 3 modes
    • 7-channel magnetic
    • audio
    • plasma field--this may run by itself or concurrently with any of the other modes
  • Fully programmable via Windows-based software with over 700 pre-made frequency programs that may be run together or separately--or build your own programs
  • AC power (no batteries to charge or change)

7-Channel Magnetic Mode

The MR772 has seven magnetic ports that can be used to run all seven included magnetic disks, seven LED disks, or any combination of both. Each port runs the same frequency program, so each disk generates the same frequencies.

Magnetic Disks

A magnetic frequency program comprises one or more sequential lines of seven frequencies that run to treat a specific condition. Each of the MR772's magnetic disks has seven magnetic coils. Each coil runs an individual frequency, so the disk runs one line of seven frequencies at a time. When one line finishes, the next line runs. Each line runs until the entire program is finished.

For example, the abdominal adhesions program in the table below is composed of nine lines of frequencies. The first seven frequencies run for four minutes. Once that line is finished running, the second line runs for another four minutes, the third line then runs for seven minutes, etc. The total time that the program runs is 58 minutes. Once the program is completed, it will stop. It may also be programmed to repeat or run another program(s).

Line # Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Channel 4
Channel 5
Channel 6
Channel 7
1 200 94 970 124 321 9 49 4
2 7.8 396 427 528 639 741 852 4
3 77 13 40 284 3 13 321 7
4 13 3 22 68 31 68 16 7
5 13 3 129 88 61 74 21 7
6 13 3 129 88 61 74 21 7
7 13 37 4 7 19 34 19 7
8 3 97 109 85 47 22 100 7
9 49 47 85 22 77 142 100 8

Each magnetic coil (e.g., channel 1, channel 2, etc.) of one disk generates one frequency through a digital square-wave pattern, so one line of frequencies runs on one magnetic disk. Each magnetic disk runs the same program, so, while line # 1 runs on disk # 1, it also runs on disk # 2, disk, # 3, etc.

Magnetic disk with channels and frequencies

Most program sets in the magnetic side of the software run between 30 and 60 minutes. The specific frequencies are delegated through the easy-to-use, click-and-add software, which has over 900 programs for various structure and function issues.

*Neither these programs nor the manufacturer makes any claims to cure any disease, medical injury or symptom. The software is a FREE download from, with the purchase of the MR772 hardware.

LED Disks (not included)

Like the included magnetic disks, each LED disk (an optional add-on) has seven channels which simultaneously generate separate frequencies to comprise a single line of a frequency program. Instead of electromagnetic coils, the LED disks utilize LED lights. The LEDs emit pulsed frequencies via red and infrared light. In addition to the intended effects of the pulsed frequencies, red and infrared light impart their own therapeutic benefits.

Audio Mode

Audio mode allows the user to rip audio files from a CD, which are then converted into plasma frequencies and run through the plasma candles.

Plasma Field Mode

While the magnetic and/or LED disks are targeting specific areas of the body, the optional plasma candles can also target a specific area or they may be used to apply a more generalized support frequency to the entire body.

This feature makes the MR772 especially useful for treating multiple conditions in one session.

In a busy clinical environment, plasma field treatment can be used by itself to minimize session duration without sacrificing efficacy. The MR772's plasma candles run 16 audio frequencies simultaneously, more than twice the number of frequencies that run through the magnetic mode. The 16-frequency plasma field programs are considerably shorter than 7-channel magnetic programs.

Our plasma programs run from 6 to 20 minutes, so a full treatment session can be administered in less than half an hour.

Each candle runs the same frequencies, but one is positive and one is negative. The signal is generated at a very low wattage and then boosted to 20,000 watts at the candle, which ignites the helium and argon gases within the candles. Keeping power low at the generator eliminates the fire danger caused by high-wattage.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”