• MagRez™B unit
  • Wall Adapter
  • Programming/Charging Usb Cable
  • Blue Silcone Cover
  • Black Carrying Case
  • 1 Pack of NikStix

MagRez™B Magnetic Pulsed Frequency Generator

The MagRez™B Pulsed Frequency Generator comes with a frequency generator disc, a 110-volt AC voltage adapter, USB power/programming cord, carrying case, and 1 pack of NikStix.

The MagRez™B, is a seven channel, milligauss, magnetic field stimulator that generates seven specific frequency patterns as magnetic fields at one time. The MagRez™B is Programmable, Light weight, Pocket size and has a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. The MagRez™B Wellness device is considered a Non-significant risk device, by FDA standards.


MagRez™B Operation

To turn on the MagRez™B, press the green ON button, located on the bottom panel.  When the MagRez™B is operational the GREEN RUN LED in the lower left corner of the top face of the MagRez™B flashes.

The MagRez™B has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. When the battery is discharged, the unit will turn itself off until it has been recharged.  During normal use it will run programmed treatments for at least 8 hours on a 4 hour charge.  For longer continuous operation, the unit may run treatments with the charger connected.  The unit cannot be damaged by overcharging, and it is recommended to charge the unit when not being used to keep the batteries near full charge.

When the unit is being charged, the LED shows RED.  When the charge is complete, the LED shows GREEN.  If the unit is running while charging, the LED will alternate between RED/ORANGE colors.  The LED is not illuminated if it is not running nor being charged.

To turn the MagRez™B off, press the ON button again and the GREEN RUN LED will turn off. 


Charging the MagRez™B

Insert the small USB connector into the MagRez™B charging/programming port located to the right of the On/Off button.  Notice that one side of the USB connector is shorter than the other.  Turn the USB connector so that the short side is on the bottom.

The larger USB connector plugs into the 110-volt AC voltage adapter.  There is a white strip in the female receptacle on the AC adapter, and another white strip in the male USB connector.  The USB connector only fits into the adapter one way, when the two white strips are on opposite sides.


Programming the MagRez™B

If you have the MagRez™B device, you have the ability to reprogram it.  The same USB connector that plugs into the AC voltage adapter will plug into the USB port of your PC computer.   (The software does not work with Mac computers.)  Programs and the appropriate software can be obtained from

The MagRez™B will hold up to 440 lines of 7 channels of frequencies.  Each line may be programmed to run from 1 minute to 999 minutes.

When not being controlled with the PC software, the MagRez™B program starts at the beginning and runs to the end of all lines of stored programming.  The user may also specify the program to repeat up to a maximum of 255 times.  After the program has completed together with any repeats, the unit will shut off.

When connected to a PC Computer USB port, the MagRez™B will both charge and be controlled by its proprietary software.  If the battery is charged, the MagRes B starts the last treatment that was programmed by pressing the power pushbutton.  If a computer USB port is connected to charge/control the device, the treatment will be started and/or controlled by the Waveomics MagRez™ programming / control software. 


Placement of the MagRez™B

Place the MagRez™B anywhere on your body where there is pain or injury.  It conveniently fits in any pocket.  The side with the blue Flower of Life design should face away from the body.  You can use NikStix double-sided adhesive disks to adhere the MagRez™B to your body.  The adhesive lasts for 24 hours.  The disks can be purchased on the internet at

 MagRez™B Useful Tips

  1. It is very important to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of purified water throughout the day). The water helps the frequencies flow through the body and clean out the toxins that the cells are casting off.
  2. You may experience a slight dizziness or detoxing flu effects from this treatment. That is a normal detoxification reaction that you would expect from a massage or bodywork.  If this happens, reduce the treatment time.  Slowly increase daily treatment time until all programs are run.  Also increase your water intake until symptoms subside.
  3. It is suggested not to use electronic devices while being treated, such as computers, cell phones, I-pads and Kindles. Electronic devices may not work within the electro-magnetic field. ​


Disclaimer: The MagRez™B device does not claim to treat or correct any medical diseases, injuries or symptoms. The MagRez™B is considered a Wellness device by FDA guidelines.