PEMF for Workout Recovery

After a hard workout at the gym, most people experience muscle soreness the following day. The discomfort tends to be worse for people who are more sedentary or haven't exercised in weeks, months, or years. In some cases, the pain may be so severe, any movement or activity can be difficult. 

This crippling effect actually has a name: delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The soreness or stiffness asscociated with the condition can be felt in the muscles several hours to several days after working out. DOMS is not limited to bodybuilders at the gym, though. In fact, any physical activity can trigger a case of DOMS--raking leaves, planting a garden, or even playing neighborhood touch football.

DOMS occurs when a muscle is subjected to strenuous exercise or stretching beyond its normal day-to-day movement or use. This over-exercise causes micro-trauma to the muscle fibers. The muscle adapts rapidly to these micro-tears in the tissue, and muscle fibers try to protect the muscle from further damage. This healing response causes tightening and stiffness. When muscles repair themselves, they get larger, stronger, and more resilient than before so future soreness is minimized.

DOMS Treatment

There are several conventional treatments for DOMS: warm baths, light massage, and even light exercise may help loosen the muscles. We have found that specific frequencies can also ease the pain and stiffness from DOMS.

Understanding the Frequencies that Support Sore Muscles

Here is a snippet of the frequencies that comprise one of our post-workout programs. This program is for the MR7, our personal magnetic device. The MR7 generates seven specific frequencies to be run at once for a specific amount of time before it switches to the second line to run a totally different line of frequencies. You will notice that there are seven columns, each for its own magnetic coil within the MR7. At the end of the row is the time in minutes that the specific frequencies run. 

Line # Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Channel 4
Channel 5
Channel 6
Channel 7
1 200 94 970 124 321 9 49 3
2 7.8 396 417 528 639 741 852 3
3 94 970 200 94 18 62 142 10
4 40 71 562 116 62 46 142 10
5 40 191 396 81 142 49 62 10
6 49 62 46 77 142 191 7.8 10

Each frequency has been proven to support a specific issue, such as inflammation, or a tissue such as muscle. These frequencies are also run in proven pairs created by Dr. Harry Van Gelder and other frequency doctors and scientists.

For example, each frequency in line one of the chart above has a specific purpose:

  • 200 Hz is for the solar nerve plexus
  • 94 Hz is for nerve trauma
  • 970 Hz is for emotional balance
  • 124 Hz is for torn and broken tissue
  • 321 Hz is for paralysis
  • 9 Hz is for allergic reaction
  • 49 Hz is for vitality

When these programs are run together, they create a specific response for bringing the tissue back to balance. Each line of frequencies supports a different set of tissues or issues. 

When all of these frequencies are run through a generator and projected to the body, they excite the cells and incite them to resonate, shaking them up so to speak. It’s this shaking or vibrating that can increase the cells' energy to help them heal themselves by increasing vitality or decreasing inflammation.