EM27 with magnetic disks
  • EM27 with magnetic disks
  • EM27 front
  • EM27 back
  • Programmable PEMF device
  • Seven-channel magnetic & LED frequency generator
  • Advanced engineering technology
  • Can be run while connected to a PC or independently with the included AC charger or rechargeable battery
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The EM27: Two Devices in One

The EM27 is a lightweight, portable PC-programmable seven-channel red, deep red, and infrared LED generator; a seven-channel magnetic field generator; and a laser frequency generator. The selection of treatment frequencies from 0.1 to 5000 Hz, duration of treatment, treatment repetition, intensity of current, and polarity of applied current are all controlled by Pulsed Frequency software.

Pulsing Magnetic Fields

Two magnetic disks can be connected to the EM27. The magnetic disks contain seven magnetic inductor coils that generate seven square wave magnetic fields. Each magnetic inductor coil can be programmed to pulse at specific frequencies from 0.1 to 5000 Hz.

Pulsing LED Light Fields

Two LED disks can be connected to the EM27. The LED disks contain 21 high quality 100-lumens (non-laser) LEDs arranged in seven three-LED clusters. Each LED cluster generates tree bands of color: red 620 nm, deep red 670 nm, and infrared 730 nm. Each cluster can be programmed to pulse at specific frequencies from 0.1 to 5000 Hz, so each LED disk transmits seven separate frequencies at one time.

Red light delivers energy to the body's tissues, stimulating internal healing. The therapy also soothes joint and muscle pain and provides therapeutic benefits to the body.

PEMF therapy has been shown in studies to reduce pain, even fibromyalgia pain, and help fractures heal.

Generates Multiple Frequencies

The EM27 can run attached to a PC or independently once the treatment files are loaded. When the device is connected to a PC running Pulsed Frequency Pro software, the treatment files can be monitored in real-time.

Power Supply

The EM27 can run from a lithium ion battery or a 100-volt power supply.

Output Ports

Two output ports control two LED disks, two magnetic disks, or one magnetic disk and one LED disk.

Two electrode output ports; red (+) and black (-)


The EM27 outputs either a Positive or Alternating (Positive and Negative) current signal to electrodes, that is programmable when the treatment is programmed to be from 25 uA to 400 uA (microamps).

Included Wellness Programs (EM27 Basic)

Acute Injury Back Pain Bone Injury Common Cold Elbow Support Emotional Support Fatigue
Feel Better Feminine Wellness Gastrointestinal Support Headache Heart Support Hip Support Insect Bites
Itching Knee Support Low Back Lung Support Neck Pancreas Support Relaxation/Stress Management
Shoulder Support Sleep 1 Sleep 2 Sleep 3 Weight Management Workout Recovery Wrist Support

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