PEMF for Acute Injury (For new injuries and up to 6 weeks after injury)

by Marcus Cutrone, Frequency Therapist

I was just finishing a hike up and down Rabun Bald, the second highest mountain in Georgia. As I was speeding down the trail in the final hundred yards, I stepped on a loose rock which rolled and turned my ankle 90 degrees. As I sprung off the foot, yelling niceties, I knew my ankle was hurt, if not torn. I got back to my car, got on my computer--no WIFI needed--reprogrammed my MR7 for Acute Injury and stuck it in my sock. Within the hour the pain was nearly gone. The next day, no bruise and very little soreness...Amazing.

I’m sure many have a story or two just like this. I call my MR7 a "Doc in a Box". It seems to help for most issues. This Acute Injury program is very handy for sprains, torn or stretched ligaments, overworked muscles, etc. It does not replace competent care from a healthcare professional, but it sure cuts down on my trips to the doctor. Let’s look what comprises this compiled file:

Acute Injury frequency program in Waveomics compiler

As you can see it covers most acute injuries. Remember each one of these programs is built with several individual specific frequencies for the corresponding issue or tissue it supports. If you look at one of these programs, e.g. Tendon Acute Est, in the "Edit Magnetic Frequency File” dialogue of the Pulsed Frequency MR7 Pro software, you can see each frequency that is incorporated into the program...very cool.

Here are brief descriptions of each program:

  • Concussion: resets the medulla, the deep structure of the brain, to make it more receptive to frequency treatments. Adding this step is a result of hundreds of clinical trials and observations which indicate that the efficacy of treatment increases when this program is applied first.
  • Cartilage Acute: supports cartilage that has been injured for six weeks or less.
  • Joint Injury Acute: supports joint injuries that are six weeks old or less.
  • Joint LTB: supports joints--stands for "Joint, Ligament, Tendon, Bursa".
  • MLTB: stands for "Muscle, Ligament, Tendon, Bursa".
  • Soft Tissue Acute: supports muscle injuries that are six weeks old or less.
  • Tendon Acute: supports tendon injuries that are six weeks old or less.
  • Tendonitis: supports tendonitis (tennis elbow).
  • Trauma Acute: program for any new (six weeks old or less) injury.
  • Wound Healing: program for any cut or bruise or what we call "torn and broken".

This total compiled file runs for 586 minutes, basically ten hours. The protocol is to put the MR7 as close to the injury as possible, as soon as possible. Treating the acute injury within four hours of the injury will increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Acute Injury programs should be run for the first one to six weeks after the injury or until the injury is healed. If the injury is still painful after six weeks and you have seen a doctor, then you would change this same program set to the Chronic Injury programs in your compiler.

As with all our commonly used programs, they have been built from the experience we gained from our clinic and other practitioners in the field. Take note of the “Est” suffix that's appended to most of the frequency programs. This denotes that a program is an established program and it has produced positive results in our clinic.

Remember to drink 60 ounces of purified water when using your MR7 or any PEMF device to help your body dispose of the debris that is released from your cells after PEMF therapy.