MLC - Magnetic LED Converter

  • Includes MLC unit
  • 2 Blue Magnetic Discs
  • 2 Disc Covers
  • Power Cord
  • 1 Travel Bag

Just Say NO to Wet Towels


  • NO Wet Towels
  • NO Sticky Electrodes
  • NO Conductive Gloves
  • Fast Patient Turn-over
  • No Undressing
  • Magnets Penetrate Clothing
  • Easy Application
  • 8 Hour Battery Charge
  • Portable



The Magnetic / LED Converter:


The NEW Magnetic/LED Converter (MLC) will convert two frequency specific electric current pulses, generated by a Microcurrent Device, into two frequency specific, pulsed magnetic fields. It can also convert the electric current pulses to two frequency specific, pulsed LED light fields.

The two frequencies, Frequency A and Frequency B, produced by the Microcurrent device, are sent to the MLC by using the same wires that are currently used to the skin electrodes.  All colors are matched respectively, except for the blue pin jack, it will plug into the black receptacle (port). The two large RJ45 output ports connect the MLC to two Magnetic Discs, two LED Light Discs or one Magnetic Disc and one LED Light Disc. The microcurrent device MUST be set at 100 microamps or greater to produce the magnetic signal.

The MLC unit has a built-in Li-Ion battery pack that will power the system for a minimum of 8 hours from a full charge.  The unit may also operate for longer periods by using the power cord attached to the power adapter.  The MLC does not have a power switch as it automatically enters an OFF state whenever no microcurrents are being sent to the unit.  When the unit is in the OFF state, with the power cord plugged into the power port, the unit will recharge the internal battery to full charge in about 8 hours or less, depending on the current state of the charge.  The power cord supplied with the MLC is the only cord that should be used with the device. Other power cords may cause damage to the MLC.

On the front side of the MLC is a Battery status light. Green indicates a full charge and Red signifies that the unit needs to be charged.

The MLC Magnetic Discs:

Each MLC Magnetic Disc generates seven magnetic fields by means of seven magnetic induction coils.  Four magnetic induction coils generate Frequency A, and three magnetic induction coils generate Frequency B, in the form of a 50% duty cycle square wave.  The polarity of a magnetic field is reversed with every pulse.  Therefore, polarity of the pulse has no meaning. Each magnetic induction coil generates a magnetic field of 800 milligauss

The MLC (Optional) LED Light Discs:

The MLC LED Light Discs have two configurations; the Red LED Light Disc (Wavelengths: Red 620 nm, Deep Red 670 nm and Infrared 730 nm) and the NIR (Near Infrared) LED Light Disc (Wavelengths: Infrared 830 nm, infrared 850 nm and infrared 950 nm).  There is a total of 21 LED Lights on each MLC LED Light Disc. The 21 LED Lights are distributed in seven groupings of three LED Lights per grouping, with three LED wavelengths per LED Light grouping.  The MLC Red LED Light Disc has seven Red 620 nm, seven Deep Red 670 nm and seven Infrared 730 nm LED’s.  The MLC Infrared LED Light Disc has seven Infrared 830 nm, seven Infrared 850 nm and seven Infrared 940 nm LED’s. The power supplied to each channel of the R21 emitter assembly has an average of 100 mw.  The total peak light flux emitted is 50 milliwatts per channel.  The LED lights must be in contact with the skin. The LEDs do not go through clothing or material. NOTE: The NIR LED in the high nanometers are not visible to the human eye, so you will only see one red LED on when it is running. You can see them if you look through your camera on your smartphone.


Positioning of the discs is not as tricky as using electrodes. The Magnetic discs have a smooth side and a side with lights that correspond with the magnetic coils inside. We suggest that the smooth side be faced toward the body, even though the pulsed frequencies will also come out of the side with the lights.

If there is a knee issue, the magnets can be faced on either side of the knee, lit side out. Many people hold the disc on the knee with a simple brace.  If both knees have an issue, one magnet can be applied to each knee. If two areas are treated at the same time, one disc can be placed on a knee and the other on a shoulder, for example. Combinations are endless. For Back problems, the discs can be applied side to side or front to back of the injured area. The discs do not need to be against the skin, the magnetic fields will penetrate through material. People who have a device at home can slip the discs under their fitted sheet and sleep on the discs.  Do not pull the disc out by the cord. Pull the disc out of its holding place by the disc, not the cord.

Remember, if using the LEDs, the light side of the disc must face against the skin.


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