MDX-B Balancer™

  • Includes 1 Balancer
  • Includes 2 MDX-B Expanders
  • Includes 14 magnetic disks
  • Includes 2 connector cables
  • Includes 3 power cords
  • Please contact an Independent Representative for more info:

The MDX BALANCER consists of a Balancer, two MDX Expanders, and 14 Seven-coil Magnetic Discs. The Balancer requires one the following frequency generators to opperate (MR72, EM272 (A or B), or MR772 (Not Included)). The purpose of the MDX Balancer is to balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems. In our clinic, we have seven magnetic discs placed in the back of the treatment chair (recliner) on either side of the patient’s spine.  Those 14 discs are running programs from the frequency generator to relax the patient (Stress Relief, Emotion Rebalance, etc.). Most frequency generators only have two channels. We created the MDX Expander to expand each of those channels into seven (2 to 7) magnetic discs running the same set of frequencies.  In this way we can affect the entire spinal column and trunk of the body with the same frequencies.

Before the signal is output to the magnetic disks from the MDX Expanders, it passes through the MDX Balancer. The MDX Balancer can decrease the strength of the signal on one channel (one set of seven magnetic disks) from 100% to 0% with a variable resistor. The user also has the ability to choose which bank of magnetic disks (Left or Right) will be attenuated.  In this way, the autonomic nervous system can be brought into balance either through observation of rapid eye movement as the voltage is attenuated, or by direct feedback from the patient as the signal is attenuated. Patients report a more successful treatment experience when their autonomic nervous system is in balance.

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Disclaimer: The EM272B™ device does not claim to treat or correct any medical diseases, injuries or symptoms. The EM272B™ is considered a Wellness device by FDA guidelines.