Audio Frequency Verifier

Brief description/contents list: 


  • Headset
  • Sniffer Coil
  • Compatible with the MR7, MagRezB, or Magnetic Disks
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The Audio Frequency Verifier (AFV) consists of a headset and sniffer coil. The AFV allows you to listen to the audio output from each magnetic inductor coil on the MagRezB, MR7, or a magnetic disc. To use the AFV plug the 3.5mm stereo (1/8") Male connector from the headset into the sniffer coil.

Put on the headset and move the sniffer coil over the device while it is running a program and listen for audio output. The output will vary depending on frequency playing on each coil. It is also possible to listen with the sniffer using a double 3.5mm stereo (1/8") Male connector cord (not included) plugged into speakers.