MagRez Kit

  • Available with 1-2 MagRez devices
  • Wall Adapter
  • Programming/charging cables
  • Black Carrying Case
  • Please contact an Independent Representative for more info:

PEMF therapy has scientifically documented beneficial effects on multiple biological tissues ranging from bone to brain. PEMF therapy triggers biological processes that support ailing tissues. The use of specific pulsed electromagnetic frequencies supports tissues to promote optimum functioning and health. PEMF is safe and cost-effective.

PEMF is a pulsed low-energy magnetic field that is is measured in milligauss. It is similar in strength to the background magnetic field of the Earth. That is why you don’t feel it working. PEMF therapy has been in use for over 75 years.

The MagRez™7 Kit

The MagRez™7 Pulsed Frequency Generator sends seven specific frequency signals from the seven magnetic coils in the treatment disc.

It is by far the smallest and lightest device we have ever created, weighing in at less than an oz and with diminsions of 2"x2"x0.5".

It requires a constant power surce to run, but is made portable with the included power bank.

The kit comes with either one or two Mag Rez units depending on your needs. It comes pre-packaged in a easy to wear portable carrying case


PC Windows-based software (Waveomics®), available from, is used to program the magnetic coils. The software allows independent timing of each set of seven frequencies. 28 Different wellness treatment programs are available in the Basic software version. An advanced version of the Waveomics® software is available to professionals who qualify.  Treatment programs can be "stacked" up to a maximum of 999 minutes of programming.

Power Supply

The MagRez™7  kit is powered by a rechargable battery pack. One end of the supplied USB cable plugs into the MagRez™7, the other end plugs into the battery pack. On average the battery pack should last at least 16 hours before needing to be recharged using the red usb cord and wall socket cube. The battery pack has 4 red lights to indicate remaining battery life when power button is pressed. 4 red lights = full charge, 3 red lights = 75%, 2 red lights = 50%, 1 red light = 25%. Please recharge battery pack when it reaches 25% before fully draining in order to maintian maximum battery life.  

Wellness Programs

Acute Injury Back Pain Bone Injury  Common Cold Elbow Support Emotional Support Fatigue
Feel Better Feminine Wellness Gastrointestinal Support Headache Heart Support Hip Support Insect Bites
Itching Knee Support Low Back Support Lung Support Neck Support Pancreas Support Relaxation/Stress Management
Shoulder Support Sleep 1 Sleep 2 Sleep 3 Weight Management Workout Recovery Wrist Support











What Our Clients Say:

Stress Management:

The first morning I woke up after using the MagRez™7 machine was Bliss. I slept so peaceful, No fear, No anxiety, the nightmare was over. Sharon W. Lakemont, Ga. 

Low Back Support:

For the past couple years I have had low back pain. The first couple treatments did reduce the pain. I took an MagRez™7 home, after 2 weeks, there was a huge difference. The pain reduced from a pain scale of 7 to a 2. Cassidy H. – Demorest, Ga.

Sleep Promotion:

I was only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night at a time. After using an MagRez™7 every day for a month, I am now getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s just the greatest. Ruth T. Tiger, Ga.

Joint Wellness:

I have arthritis in my hands. At times I couldn’t even make a fist. I had used the MagRez™7 for a couple months and the pain is 95% gone. It even helped the pain in my knee. Karen S. Wiley, Ga.