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The MR71 uses pulsed magnetic frequencies selected to assist the mind to relax and let go. We gently encourage the mind to slip into a state of deep sleep where healing and re- balance are possible. The MR71 is designed to quiet the sympathetic nervous system and balance your mind energetically. The device comes with a Frequency generator attached to a 7 channel Magnetic Disk, and a 110volt power cord. (The power going to the MR71, however, is only 5 volts.) The MR71 comes pre- programmed to run for 7 hours and then turn off automatically with the Sleep Program. 

However, unlike the previous Sleep PEMF the MR71 gives you more options for PEMF Therapy. It allows access to the internal micro usb allowing the device to be reprogrammed using MR71 Basic (29 Programs) available to everyone or MR71 Pro (500+ Programs) to qualified healthcare professionals available at

Try out the MR71 today. It is our most afforadable single magnetic disk reprogrammable pemf device to date! 

Disclaimer: The MR71 device does not claim to treat or correct any medical diseases, injuries or symptoms. The MR71 is considered a Wellness device.



I was only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night. After taking a unit home and using it every day for a month, I am now getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. It’s just the greatest. Ruth T – Clayton, GA

After the first night using [your sleep device]: “This morning, I can say that I felt more refreshed and my eyes don’t hurt!” 
Brenda W – Smyrna, GA

I wanted to relieve some of my stress and get help to sleep better. After using the magnetic therapy at home for one week, I was sleeping from 7-8 hours and I noticed I was getting fewer leg cramps at night. I also would awake not tired like I used to.
Michelle H - Otto, NC

I sleep so much better and wake refreshed. Sharon U – Clayton, GA

The first morning I woke up after using the [Sleep device] was Bliss. I slept so peaceful, S.W. Wiley, GA

I have a very hectic and stressful life with a very erratic sleep schedule. It took about three nights for me to get into a solid sleep pattern with 8 hours of sleep and not being tired during the day. Thomas F. – Dillard, GA